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Dells of Eau Claire
Rocks and River, Eau Claire Dells
oil on canvas board

I visited the Dells of Eau Claire County Park near Wausau, WI this past summer and the rocks just blew my mind. We climbed all around them and watched the Eau Claire River flow around and through, so smoothly, at times turbulently, but always flowing. The rocks had a solidity to them, they were broken by so many squared facets. The colors seemed so different to me, nothing like mossy Georgia mountain rocks, nothing like smoothly ground down Michigan rocks. The contrast between the water and rocks just seemed that much greater. This is definitely a place I'd like to revisit many times, and next time I want to stay longer and draw more. Recreating this in my studio was a long drawn out series of trial and error, an exhausting grind to the finish for me.