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Hayfield Shadows
Hayfield Shadows
oil on canvas board
18" x 24"

This is a field that I watch as I ride my bike past every weekend or so throughout the year. The morning light streaks across it as a turned dirt, grown hay, or hay rolled field. The Pines that are here and there surrounded by the hay are massive and seem to have earned their right to be there in the midst of it all. I often see wildlife, mostly deer but every once in a while a fox, on the edges of the woods behind. This is only the second painting that I have done of this field after taking hundreds of photographs, and sketching it dozens of times. This painting came off quick, painted over the top of an earlier less successful painting I decided to abandon, and the image held enough strength to remain as it developed. Sometimes it takes weeks or even years to resolve a painting, and sometimes they are done right off the bat.