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Hemlock Falls, Cloudland Canyon
Hemlock Falls, Cloudland Canyon
oil on canvas board
20" x 16"

We visited Cloudland Canyon after a long series of showers over several weeks. The water was as high as it could be and the falls were roaring. We hiked to the farthest falls, Hemlock, and listening to the water from the rim of that chasm was impressive. It was well before we saw any water at all, and with each wind in the trail down we hoped to catch a glimpse of the falls. It was early morning so the scene was dark and cool, with only the smallest sliver of sun above. When we made it down and stood below the falls we just sat and watched it for a long time, and I took photos, made a sketch, and took mental notes to remember the way it impressed me. Back in the studio the painting took on its own life, and the long process of waiting for the feeling of the place to reemerge began. I never really know how long it will take or if I will even be able to get back to that moment, but this did seem to come around in time.