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Shimmering Night Sky II
Shimmering Night Sky II
oil on canvas
14" x 14"

I found and old painting from grad school in 1991-1992 and thought it was such a rich image that it deserved to be revisited. The original Shimmering Night Sky painting was glazed acrylic paint on plastered wood, only 5 1/2"x7", and was in my masters thesis show. It has remained somewhere in my studios unframed since. I had a square canvas to work with and though the original image wasn't square I thought the shape worked well with it after sketching it out. I found myself back in glazing techniques and subtle changes in colors and light as I was back then, it was a neat feeling to commune with those emotions again. This progressed slowly and with relative ease for a couple of months until I sketched out some revisions in white conte and realized how much I liked seeing those lines. I left them for a while, revised a bit more and was pleased to leave some of them showing. This may seems small but it feels like an initial link for me to include more drawing into my painting.