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Darkness Closing In
Darkness Closing In
oil on panel

At the end of a hike that we had taken too many adventurous turns on, we found ourselves hurrying back before darkness set in. The woods grow dark early, especially in the creekbottoms. As we crossed the creek I found a small skull and several bones nearby. I was fascinated by how much of the skeleton I could find and after placing the skull atop a large rock I took a photograph. This is when my wife said she saw a small bear going up the hill in front of us. We scurried away quickly looking around us for any sign of this bear she saw, but made it out of the woods without catching a sight. It took quite a while to get this image to it's finishing point, with the problem of creating that very particular light and color effect of the fading day deep in the woods. That and the bear in the distance.