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Storm Over the Pasture
Storm Over the Pasture
oil on board
13" x 15"

As a storm approached one evening I did what I often do and went out to watch it roll over. This one looked pretty fierce by all accounts and I was pleasantly surprised to find it dark and impressive coming over the tree line into my view in the pasture. The wind hit us hard when the front reached us, and the clouds seemed ridiculously dark. Just as the storm was getting to us the clouds opened behind us and the sunshine bounced back from the clouds in the East almost like a sunrise. It was strange to see the scene lit from the wrong direction and just solidified my need to paint this. I went straight to the studio and worked this image out with a few minor adjustments in the days that followed. I was happy to hear from a few other friends that they too experienced this odd lighting from their views of the storm that evening.