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Morning Light on the Creek
Morning Light on the Creek
oil on canvas
32" x 44"

During a recent trip to Michigan I stopped by the Kalamazoo Nature Center to walk a few trails and see my creek. It's a place I've painted many times and keep finding it worth repeating. This particular summer morning was hot and very humid and the fog on the creekbottom was just burning off. The light was streaming throuhg the canopy and making spotlit areas all around me. I decided that this spot, though painted before, needed to be made into a much larger piece and so when I got back home I stretched a large canvas and went right to work. Over the course of several months I have brought this painting to more than one finishing point. I have hung it in my house and watched it for weeks until taking it back to the studio and revising it. Living with paintings day after day really reveals a lot to an artist about whether or not it feels done yet. For me, this one just moved into a "done" space.