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Early Morning Rocks
Early Morning Rocks
oil on canvas
24" x 20"

One of my favorite spots in Greenbrier Cove, TN is this small offshoot of the main creek that has a bunch of rocks and several slower moving pools of water. I have painted and drawn a few views of the area and keep coming back to them over the years. This happened to be a spot where the early morning sun really showed off the two huge boulders leaning together and the brightness and reflection that the water made between them.
I made a few changes to this painting, mostly in the bottom third, after looking at it for the past year. I wasn't pleased with the way it looked from a distance as an overall image. That led me to work into it, in brush this time, until I finally arrived at a place where the background was more inviting than the foreground. That is an important factor for me, to have a place where you want to go further back into the image.