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Whitehead, Monhegan
Whitehead, Monhegan
oil on board
24" x 27"

My second trip to Monhegan Island was shorter than the first, but just as gratifying. It has been about 15 years since I have been there. The first time I spent a week filling a sketchbook and getting at least one or two larger oil pastels done every day. This year I was able to show my wife the island and knew my way around. I did a good deal of sketching and brought home a treasure trove of photos. This view of Whitehead in mid morning was one I both sketched and photographed from many different angles. The subtle colors and flow of the rocks, the massiveness of the head itself, and the way it fits into the flow of the ocean was just spectacular. I worked on this painting in my studio for months, happily picking away at it, while reliving the moment.