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Sunset Driveway - SOLD
Sunset Driveway - SOLD
oil on canvas board
24" x 18"

I've always been fascinated by the morning and evening light, especially when it seems to turn the world into colors you don't normally see, if only for a moment. Times like these where the limbs of a pine tree look absolutely red, or the air itself takes on a yellow tinge. I painted this moment when the orange of sunset seemed not only to tint everything, but to brightly shine on the trees on the other side of a neighbor's woods. Looking down the driveway into that orange light really hit me, and a snapped a photo of it, which turned out to be much less of what I saw. But as a painter this is what drives me most, to recapture something that might not even have existed. To aim for creating the image that stuck with me, even if it sometimes takes a long effort to bring that feeling back.