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Late Afternoon Path - SOLD
Late Afternoon Path - SOLD
oil on canvas
32" x 24"

private collection

I have created winding paths around my property that I walk daily, and in seeing the change of light, seasons, and weather I have come to realize how many of my images now come from so very close to my house. As I walk and see patterns in shadows and tree trunks, the sweep of light and colors changing late in the day as I take notes. This is a view of my path along the top field, with the bright light in the open space beyond the Pines and the shadows making for strong horizontal bands and the trees crossing those areas setting up the scene. Getting the light to look right was the constant struggle and I repainted the image several times after hanging it in the house between each effort. Sometimes a painting takes an especially long time to mature like this, but that is the journey that makes it all worth it.