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Beaver Pond II
Beaver Pond II
oil on canvas

I have painted this view of a pond down the road, once a product of a neglected stream with several beaver dams along it, from Autumn, through Winter, and into Spring, while finishing it in the Summer. With each season I find new ways to express the light and colors, and with each effort to complete this I have built layers of paint, set it aside and worked on other paintings, then have come back to it. It has been on my painting wall in the studio for about a year and it has finally made it into the house at last. It's a last step I make at completing any work, to stay in the house under the casual and constant view, where the tiniest of details find their way under my skin and demand I finish the work.

After looking at this for another year or two, I finally put a few final marks on to complete it to my satisfaction. It's funny how long it takes, and how many new things you learn along the way before you can straighten out the bits that bother you.