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The Very Green Rock
The Very Green Rock
oil on canvas
24" x 20"

I was spending a winter day in the creek bottoms exploring and looking for images when I saw this very green rock. I was gathering ideas along each bend in the creek moving upstream and spotted the rock hanging to the hillside, a tangle of fallen trees behind it. I took so many photos from so many angles and ended up doing several drawings from different viewpoints before I settled on this image, only to move through a few months of constant change and reorientation. I rearranged little bits and larger themes over and over, and began to wonder if the act of painting itself was more important than any finished piece could ever be. Tinkering has such a meditative feeling that I began to think about not completing the painting process at all until it was suddenly at a point that I quit and just started looking at it. After a few weeks of looking I realized that it was as done as it needed to be.